Ladies and gentlemen... the Shutter Sisters...

I came across the Shutter Sisters in a very convoluted way... I was checking out the blog of Kristin Zecchinelli, the winner of the Portland Maine photo walk and she happened to have a link to their website, which I followed.

The first thing that struck me was "these are real people" which motivated me to dig deeper into their blog, to view more of their images, and to read more of their stories.

The Shutter Sisters are a group of women, led by Tracey Clark, that share their love of photography, their stunning images, and themselves.

It's not about the technical aspect of taking a picture, it's about the feeling, the emotion, the passion that goes into a quality photography.

When I asked Tracey to tell me about their blog, this was her response:

"Well, in a nutshell, I launched the blog in January 2008 as a collaborative photo blog for women who like to take pictures. There are 10 regular contributors and we have featured a number of guest bloggers. Why? Because I am a community loving kind of gal and I know that the massive demographic of women with a passion for photography don’t have very many places to go online or otherwise to be recognized, respected, encouraged, and celebrated. I hope to do all of those things and more for our community at Shutter Sisters. It is our goal to be inclusive of all women who are interested in photography from professionals to beginners with little emphasis on what kinds of equipment they use.

We’ve started out strong and are building a highly creative community. I have lots of plans to grow the site to make it even more special than it already is. There’s a lot to look forward to and as far as I can tell, the sky is the limit!"

Not only do you get to view their remarkable photography, you also get the story behind the shot, what was going on at the time and why the photographer was inspired to click the shutter.

The Shutter Sisters is one of those websites that has depth of character to it, you can tell there good people behind it. So do yourself a favor, stop by and say hello to the Shutter Sisters (not to be confused with the “Lens Ladies”, the “Battery Babes”, or the “Gadget Guys”).

You will come away a richer person for having visited them.


Jody said...

Woooooooooot for the Shutter Sisteres! I love being a part of their community =)

tracey clark said...

thank you scott for your kind words about Shutter Sisters. we are honored!

Kristin Zecchinelli said...

hey hey! yep that is what lit the fire under my butt! i love the site i love the women, i feel at home there, experiment there, learn new things and ideas there, it is a gift. thanks to tracey for its birth and everyone who keeps it going so strong each day. and thanks scott for being a guy not afraid to check out the sisters! LOL

Leacayoungart said...

thanks for giving tracey and the group a shout out. it is one of my daily rituals. she has a nice group and we are grateful for the time she gives us.

Anonymous said...

I love me some SS. As a visitor, commenting reader and guest blogger there, I can is as awesome a place as it sounds.

Thank you for the spotlight...Tracey and SS so deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Great site, makes me want to be a woman. Scott, I think the time has come for The Shutter Brothers.

Becky SIlke said...

Shutter Sisters is a beautiful gift, thanks for sharing it with us Tracey!