New Pocket Wizards for $127.95...

No, that's not a misprint, I paid $127.95 for my brand new Pocket Wizards, let me tell you how I did it (and you can too!).

Watching the Strobist Seminar DVD's made me realize how much David Hobby knows (and I don't) and on multiple occasions during the seminar David drove home that the king of the hill for wireless triggering options was Pocket Wizards. "Regardless of where you start, you'll end up with Pocket Wizards".

But, $188.95 is (for me) a good chunk of change, then I remembered something billionaire investor Warren Buffett said when asked if he could give just one piece of advise to folks, what would it be? "Spend your money once".

If I was going to go wireless, I was going to do it right (spend my money once), no cutting corners, no going "cheap".

So the hunt was on for the best possible price and I went to my home away from home, eBay.

There I found Exposure Capture.

At the time I was looking they were running a sale on Pocket Wizards, $305.95 a pair, and with the $25 rebate each, the final price was $127.95.

Sadly the sale is over but their everyday price is still outstanding, Exposure Capture pricing is $170.95 for one and $322.95 for two. Even though they're not currently on sale, Jennifer told me they frequently run promotions/sales so if you want to keep an eye out, you may catch a sale.

We have a great price, then throw in the $25 rebate from Pocket Wizard and a great price just got even better. You can get the form here and the rebate offer is good until February 28th.

But there's more, if you use the code “WEEKSHIP” when you order, your shipping will be free!

If you don't find any Pocket Wizards in their eBay store, you can order them via email.

Lastly, when you buy your Pocket Wizards, be sure to register them online to extended the warranty from one year to three. Only a company confident in the quality of their products would do that.

I could not be happier that I bought my Wizards. The first time I put them to the test was with my Twilight shoot and they were simple to use, worked like a charm, and fired every time.

There are less expensive options, there are "comparable" options, but answer this question, why do more pro's use Pocket wizards than anything else?

Come back next week and I will tell you about some very inexpensive Pocket Wizard accessories that will improve their usability.

See ya then.


Michael Palmer said...

Nice post Scott, I just might have to get a PW if I ever find a situation where my Elinchrome Skyport Uni will not work. I did my shot and posted details on it today. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Us poor Canadians... not eligible for the rebate, shipping is $50, and we have the exchange rate to deal with.

Scott said...

But you have free health care!


Sorry this did not work out for you.


Anonymous said...

Actually, my province only had free health care as of January 1st!

I guess every time I go to the doctor I should put aside $50 towards gear, in honor of Americans :P

Anonymous said...

awesome buy .. pocket wizards are the only way to go. :)

Scott said...


I hope you know my comment about health care was an attempt at humor...