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I don't make a habit of posting on the weekend (or posting consecutive product reviews) but I received a package yesterday afternoon and I really did not want to wait to share the contents.

This past Monday I joined MpixPro and though short, it has been pretty darn impressive ride so far.

As photographers I don't think we can have too many good resources and many photographers that have my respect are members of MpixPro already so I thought I would give them a try.

I submitted my application for membership on Monday morning and was approved later that same day. Once approved you upload 5 test images that MpixPro will print as 8x10's and ship out for next day delivery, all for free. I uploaded my images Wednesday, received an email Thursday letting me know that the printing was completed and that my package was being shipped that day, arriving on my porch Friday.

The purpose of the five uploaded images is for monitor calibration testing, to make sure what they print matches what you see on your monitor (as they do not offer color correction so the quality of the print is directly dependant on your monitor being properly calibrated).

To make sure I got a good sampling of their printing abilities I sent black & white images, color images, action, and still life.

Every print they sent me was outstanding.

Along with my five 8x10 images my package included a catalog of all the product MpixPro offers as well as a sample of all the papers they print on.

I did not become an MpixPro member so I could review them on Weekly Photo Tips, but my experience has started out so well and the quality of the prints they sent so good, I really wanted to share it with other photographers.

Membership is free, so you have nothing to lose and outstanding quality to gain.

You can see an introduction to MpixPro here, and over 20 videos on how MpixPro works and the products they offer here.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

This is the first time I've heard of MpixPro, but I exclusively use Mpix for all of my printing needs. They have very good prices and ship out extremely fast. Their packaging is superb and I've never had a problem with any of my prints.

I usually wait until I have a couple of prints that I want to make so that I can save on shipping costs.

"Shoot today, upload tonight, we ship tomorrow" is their motto ... and it's absolutely true - they shipped on time every time during this holiday season.

If you've never done metallic prints before, oooohhhhh you are missing out! Give it a shot!

Andrew P. Agosto said...

Many many thanks for introducing new product.
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Anonymous said...

short yet detailed review.great work.
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Unknown said...

Yes, Obviously MpixPro is pretty darn impressive ride so far.

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