Bohemian Secret Lightroom presets...

Back in January I reviewed the Photoshop actions "Bohemian Secrets" from Australian photographer Sonia, calling the actions "the best black and white conversions you'll ever see".

Well Sonia has since come out with Bohemian Secrets Lightroom presets and I was not disappointed (you won't be either).

This set has 60 presets that not only include wonderful black and white conversion options, but you also get a great deal of exposure control as well, including tonal control, the ability to adjust over and under exposed images, contrast, tinting, backlighting, vignettes, and more.

No other presets that I have tried give you the depth of control with black and white conversions, this is why the Bohemian Secrets Lightroom presets are only the second set of presets I have installed (and use) on my computer.

Sonia is obviously passionate about her photography and a lover of black and whites, fortunately for us she likes to share as well.

Click on any image to view larger and in a new window.


half blind said...

This looks interesting, but the link goes to an error page. Too bad

Miguel Palaviccini said...

half blind ... try the link and then delete the www portion. It will take you to the website. Or you can just click on the second link (that one works).

On a side note, you can never have too many presets. Just make sure that you keep them organized in folders or it's going to be a huge mess. I try to do this any time I download any of Matt Klowskowski's pre-sets (and there are a ton!).

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Sorry for the double post. But I just noticed that if you delete the "index2.php" portion, it will directly take you to the non "www" site. Either way works since both links are down.

half blind said...

Scott, I've since purchased these presets and they are amazing. Some of my best presets! Thanks very much for this post. The presets are great for starting points in b&w conversion. I also use NIK Silver Efex Pro 2 and like the Bohemian Secrets presets just as well, which is saying a lot because SEP 2 is pretty comprehensive and flexible.

james_lopez said...

Soon after receiving numerous emails with regards to updating Bohemian Magic formula Lightroom Pre-programmed and following months in addition to months venturing out into photography again in the course of our snowfall holiday. I 'm now contemplating making a Bohemian Magic formula Lightroom 4 black and white presets arranged. After getting Lightroom 5 trial in addition to studying your changes made to workflow, the presets could possibly be a distinct new set not an upgrade. If any of that you are owner of Bohemian Magic formula Lightroom Presets and would love to put your name down to possibly trying out, please fill out the contact page and i want to know your details.

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