"Limited Edition" marketing tool... our review...

V Gallery has produced yet another "must have" marketing tool for any photographer that is looking to make money with their camera (make sure you check out the special offer at the end of this post).

This is not marketing "theory" it's what V Gallery has been doing in their own studio for some time and, as is their style, it is so complete that if you wanted all you would need to do is remove their name and insert yours.

There is a reason of all the products we reviewed in 2009 it was a V Gallery product that was named "Product of the Year", they produce great stuff.

The "Limited Edition" module contains 13 mini sessions that you run throughout the year, each session comes with documentation, instructional videos, Photoshop templates, actions, sample images, Facebook marketing info, email marketing templates and so much more.

If mini sessions are new to you they are usually a 15-minute session with a theme, has a reduced session fee, and is for one day only.

These unique "themes” appeal to families with children, while allowing the photographer to shoot multiple clients in the time that it would normally take to photograph just one.

It's a win for the studio and a win for the client.

Here is a description of 5 of the (13) sessions that are part of this module:

That’s Amore: That’s Amore is a simple Valentine’s Day theme. Featuring pink and red hued backgrounds, outfits, rugs and furniture, this event attracted parents of young girls and babies.

Just for Dad: Just for Dad is targeted at fathers and their son(s) and/or daughter(s).

Dog Days of Summer: The Dog Days of Summer event is our most popular event for pets. We coordinate with our local, no-kill animal shelter to raise awareness and donated pet food.

Vintage Fields: Vintage Fields is shot on location, in an outdoor setting like a beautiful nearby field. We use several props including an Urban Outfitters chandelier, an old bathtub we found on Craigslist, umbrellas, a few wooden crates and more.

Christmas in September: This event was created to allow families to get a head start on holiday photographs and encourage them to purchase Christmas Cards.

Though this product may not be for the casual photographer, it's a MUST for those who want to make in income with their photography.

The V Gallery Limited Edition module sells for $169 but the readers of Weekly Photo Tips can purchase it for 50% off this week only!

Yup, half price, simply type in the coupon code "WPTLE" at checkout to receive your discount. Keep in mind that the offer expires this coming Friday (10/22).


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