My acting debut...

It's probably the kind of acting debut that will have people longing for the days of silent movies.


My friend (and fellow photographer) Mark has jumped into videography/cinematography with both feet. He is so passionate about video that he travels with a mini studio in his car, and when you drive a Prius that's no easy task.

The Portland Phoenix (a local weekly paper) is having a film festival/contest and below you will find the short film Mark made to enter.

He shot it in a day at one of the old (and abandoned) factories near our studio.

Mark wrote, shot, edited, and more for this short film... you name it, he did it.

You should take a moment to check out his YouTube channel, for that matter check out the Weekly Photo Tips YouTube channel too because Mark did all the hard work in every video there as well (I'm simply the eye candy in front of the lens).

And if you ask me the camera puts on waaaaay more than ten pounds!


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I didn't even know you had a youtube channel ... !

Robert said...

Nice, and I've seen worse acting from bigger names.