California Sunbounce Micro-Mini review...

Last August I reviewed the California Sunbounce Pro and loved it for a few reasons, how well it performed, the quality workmanship, and the superior materials that are used in its construction.

Along comes the California Sunbounce Micro-Mini and it's the same great product and performance, just in a much smaller package.

For the last three weeks I have been shooting artifacts for a museum that will be used for both archival purposes as well as publication and almost every shot consists of three things, 2 lights and a Sunbounce Micro-Mini. It's small enough to get into tight spots and it does a big job.

Because of the design I have two reflective surfaces to choose from (soft or strong) and it's light weight and rigid frame allow me to easily hold it with one hand while shooting.

And it takes up very little (and precious) travel space, when broken down and in it's handy dandy travel pouch it takes up about as much space as a 30" shoot through umbrella.

Today not only do you get a review of a great product, but you also have the chance to win some cool (and useful) gear.

Bron Imaging Group, the American distributor for the California Sunbounce line of products, is currently holding their photography contest. The theme is an intimate portrait of the girl or boy next door.

The contest started February 1st and the winner will be announced July 1st.

1st place - broncolor Mobil A2R travel kit

2nd place - broncolor Minicom RFS Travel kit

3rd place will get you this very California Sunbounce Micro-Mini with the flash bracket

Back to the review, watch the video below and you'll see why I am so fond of the California Sunbounce Micro-Mini and why you should seriously consider adding it to your arsenal of light modifiers and shapers.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...
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Miguel Palaviccini said...

I really like how portable this thing is. I was looking at the lasolite tri-grip diffuser and find that the micro-mini would probably be easier to take places. Like you said, spend your money once! I am also pretty impressed with the thought of the flash bracket. Thanks for the review.

Here is the new link to the micro-mini sunbounce (I think they changed their website around a bit)

half blind said...

Excellent review, Scott. Just going over your old posts and videos to see if I missed anything. This is a great portable reflector and it goes on my holiday list! Thank you.