A lighting toolbox "must have"...

In yesterdays video Scott Kelby he showed how to use a "Flag" to control the amount of light (negative fill) that came out of a softbox and lit his subject. If you didn't watch the video yet, you might want to view it here before moving on.

What I want to share with you today is an alternative that is less expensive, more versatile, and significantly more portable.

It's Cinefoil from Rosco.

Cinefoil is a heavy duty aluminum foil that is painted flat black on both sides that can used as a flag, barn doors, and more (come back tomorrow and we'll show you more).

It's not very expensive, a roll of 12" x 50' is $32 and a roll of 24" x 25' is $29, but because it is heavy duty a piece can last you a long time. The two pieces you see me use in the video below have been used over and over again. They are the only two pieces we have pulled of the roll since we bought it a couple months ago and they are standing up just fine to all the work we've put them through.

See you tomorrow with another use for Cinefoil, the "Duct Tape" of lighting.

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Steve Wetzel said...

Thanks for the tip. I got the Honl DVD for Christmas and I purchased some BlackWrap at B&H, 12" x 50' for $23.95 It's great stuff!

Scott said...


How did you like the DVD?

I thought for $39 it was a great educational investment.

I have ended up buying 6-8 items (so far) that I saw Dave using on his shoots.


Steve Wetzel said...

The DVD was very good. It gave me some great ideas. I had hoped he would go into a little more detail about the flash settings but for the ambient light shoot it probably does not make sense to do that as the flash settings will vary depending on the ambient light. I already had some of the honl light modifiers so it was nice to see how the inventor used them himself. They are great inexpensive tools.

half blind said...

Scott, in having to leave a comment for each pic I post for your Joey L contest, I'm reviewing all your old posts. Leaving a comment is really tough for me, but I'm slowly getting into it. And I'm learning just a whole bunch of stuff I didn't know. A perfect example is this double sided foil. I had no idea this stuff even existed. I've always used cut up boxes from the supermarket if I've ever had to block some light, because my budget isn't the greatest. But it's great to know these great things are out there...your site included. Thank you

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I'd never even heard of this stuff! Who comes up with these great ideas? This is the kind of investment that you could easily split with a group of friends or photography club and only go in $5 but have more cinefoil than you need for a couple of years.

Scott, your "Cinefoil from Rosco" link is dead. I think this is the new link:


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Unknown said...

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