Review of the LiteDome xs by Photoflex ...

Recently I reviewed theDavid Honl DVD "Light" and in it he uses the LiteDome xs from Photoflex extensively and since it hit my doorstep, so do I.

This is a great little softbox, I use it on a light stand in the studio, I use it hand held outdoors or on location, in fact rarely do I shoot and not use the LiteDome xs.

The quality of the materials and the construction is outstanding.

So is the price, it has a "suggested" retail price of $79.95 but you can get it for less (Adorama has it for $75 with free shipping).

This past Monday I lent my "bag of light" to a friend who was shooting Inuit artifacts for a major university and of all the flashes, pocket wizards, flim flams, and doo wizzies that I gave him to use he liked the LiteDome the best.

It is not uncommon to get the same two responses from other photographers when I show it to them, the first is "wow", the second is "where can I get one?".

You're probably thinking "Scott is pretty wishy washy on this one, I wonder if he likes it?".


If you want more details check out the hardware, components, and instructions here.

Better yet, take two minutes (and forty seven seconds) to watch the video below and I think you'll get my point (subscribers - make sure you come back to the blog to view the video or watch it on YouTube because videos still don't get pushed through with your subscription, sorry).


Amy Rader said...

Nice to see you! Your video makes me want to get one. Will you be posting images, portraits, taken with it? Keep up the great work.

Scott said...


Funny that you should ask as I plan to post some images this afternoon from a shoot I did recently using the LiteDome.

The video was very impromptu, I had not gone to the studio planning to do it, or I might have shaved and done a little something with my hair!


Mark said...

Hi Amy,

I talked Scott into the video. I think he had something smaller in mind AKA(only his hands showing). But now he's visible in all his HD glory. Next time we'll make sure he has a makeup artist, LOL.


Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for this video, Scott!! I had been thinking about buying one (after using shoot-through umbrellas for years) and you convinced me! I love how it's so portable and easy to assemble.

Michael Palmer said...

nice, you said nipple............I just got the lasolite exybox for my portable option for table top food shots!! Love it!!!

Scott said...

Too funny, I thought the exact same thing the first time I watched it “heh, heh, I said nipple”.

Men are so immature.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

So small, so portable, yet it makes your speedlight that much bigger of a light source. Thanks for sharing all of these reviews. I like that it brings the hotshoe attachment.

After viewing all of your lighting accessory reviews, I feel you could part ways with some of them and send them my way :) haha jk.

Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to introduce us to some new gear

half blind said...

Scott, since I use natural light in shooting street scenes, this little soft box looks pretty cool but is not at the top of my want list. I did however want to comment on your hair. I've only seen you in your recent videos with short hair and was pretty surprised to see you sporting the wild look. Get down, as the kids used to say!