Wanna shoot with Chase Jarvis?...

Seriously, do you?

This past May I reviewed the "Strobist Favorites Gallery" cards from Trade Secrets Cards.

At the time I had two thoughts (which is essentially max capacity for my head), I really liked the cards (I can actually see them on my desk as I write this) and I wondered how they would follow-up on these gems.

No need to wonder anymore, yesterday they announced the release of their second set (in what I hope is a long line of cards) "Chase Jarvis: The Portrait Sessions Vol. 1".

Though I don't have my set in hand for review (but will soon) I am sure those of you who already own the first set won't want to wait until then to place your order.

At first blush they appear to be a continuation of a great educational experience, the same high quality Trade Secrets is known for, and I can't wait to have them laid out in front of me.

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