The Weekly Photo Tips product of the year!...

Of all the outstanding products we have had the pleasure of getting our hands on this year only one could be selected as our product of the year.

The winner, Weekly Photo Tips 2009 product of the year is "The Evolution Collection with FLO" from Jed and Vicki Taufer of V Gallery Haven.

The Evolution Collection with FLO is the most complete "studio in a box" that you can get and contains enough information (16 gigabytes of how to videos, templates, actions, presets, edges, overlays, marketing tips, workflow techniques, forms, price lists, relationship building with vendors and clients, fund raisers, and so, so much more...) that if you use the information contained on the 4 DVD's you will be assured of success.

Take a look at the results that Jed and Vicki have had in the small town of Morton Illinois (population 15,000) using the same information they've shared in their "studio in a box".

I love getting involved in fund raising events, it's a win for the studio, a win for the organization, and a win for the people they are trying to help. Jed and Vicki give you ten different plans (with action plans, ads, posters, brochures, sample images, press releases, and FAQ's) for getting involved, helping your community with the added (and secondary) benefit of helping yourself.

One of my favorites is "Dog Days of Summer". In exchange for a 25 pound bag of dog food (donated to local animal shelters) folks would receive a free mini portrait session and a free 5x7 print of their pet. The results of that day was over 125 bags (3,200 poinds) of dog food donated, cover stories in in three different newspapers, and because so many folks wanted more than the free 5x7 print they ended up with over $10,000 in sales!

So for doing something good for their community Jed and Vicki ended up with new clients, free advertising, and sales for one day of shooting that would make Donald Trump envious.

In my humble opinion, if you can't build and run a successful, profitable photography studio with The Evolution Collection with FLO chances are good you were probably meant to be do something else.

So, watch the video to get my full review, but this is not the last you will hear of it, this will be the longest review we have ever done. Once a month for the next year we'll report on how we've used The Evolution Collection, what new thing we've incorporated into our practice, and how it has improved our studio.

As usual, if you are a subscriber you'll need to return to the blog or head over to YouTube to watch the video as it does not get pushed through with your subscription.


Jade Lady said...

Really enjoyed your review video of VGallery's product!

Just found u via an email from VGallery.

Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.


half blind said...

Waiting for your 2011 product of the year!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

It's pretty neat to see how much you can do with a camera. I like the fund raising part of photography, although I've never known how to go about it. Last year, I emailed a couple of shelters around the area and told them I would be glad to come in one day and take photos of all of their adoptable pets. I even spent time making a portfolio for them. Never heard back from a single one :( Maybe this eVolution Collection is the ticket to figuring out why.

BTW, link to the Collection is broken.

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