Lighting for newborn session...

I told you yesterday that if you came back today, I would share with you how I lit the session, you will soon see it was barely worth the return trip.

It consisted of just 4 things:

1. A single Nikon SB-800 Speedlight
2. Pocket wizards
3. A Lumiquest Softbox III (A new product I really, really like)
4. An assistant (also known as Steve)

Steve would extend his arm (holding the Lumiquest Softbox III) over my shoulder, as high as he could over the subject(s), so it was simply a matter of saying "A little closer", "more to the right", or "I'm really not comfortable with you pressing against me like that".


Steve is also a photographer and a very good assistant, he sure comes in handy on a shoot that involves 4 or 5 Speedlights, adjusting the stands and/or the power of the strobes.

This is the fist time I have shot with the Lumiquest Softbox III and I have to say it gets two thumbs way up. It's large (8" x 9"), easy to use, it has a double layer of diffusion material in the center to reduce the possibility of hot spots, and it produces a large soft light (it reduces the flash by about 2 stops).

Though it is a good size diffuser, it folds flat so it can be easily taken on your photographic travels.

Dave Hobby over at Strobist did an extensive review on the Softbox III that should further convince you to make the purchase (it retails for $45).

Here is one more image from that newborn session.

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SKR said...

Thanks Scott for the published image. I enjoyed the snuggle though... Come see my shots at
Thanks again!!!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I bought this about a year ago after I read David's review and now I carry it in my bag along with my SB-600 everywhere. I've managed to use it outside, but only by putting it really close to the subject. I've found that with the 14mm setting on the flash, you lose a little bit of light. I like the 24mm setting the best as most of the light goes through the diffuser and isn't eaten up by the support.