Weekly Photo Tips first photography seminar...

We are proud (excited, giddy, nervous) to announce that Weekly Photo Tips will be teaching it's first all day seminar on Sunday May 31st!(in my mind people are now jumping to their feet, clapping, whistling, and hooting their heads off)


The goal of the workshop is two fold, first to give you the knowledge and confidence to control your camera (not it controlling you), to get it off "P" and capture the image you see (not what auto settings of your camera thinks you see), second is to show how to use simple everyday stuff you may already own to aid you in capturing that image, so that you don't have to go out and buy those expensive accessories.

Here are the details (as we have them so far):

Date: May 31st 2009

Location: North Dam Mill - Biddeford Maine


8am – Registration
8:30am – Seminar begins
12:00 – Break for lunch
12:45 – Return from lunch and organize for afternoon shooting
1:00 – Shooting begins @ 3 different workstations / setups
4:00 – Q&A session
5:00 – Seminar ends

Morning Curriculum:

1. Intro
2. How a camera works
3. Equipment – flash, lenses, filters, PC cables, cactus wireless triggers, pocket wizards, snoot, diffuser, grid, other light modifiers, other light modifiers, diffusers, reflectors, light stands, umbrellas, rechargeable batteries.
4. Defining exposure (general explanation)
5. Shutter Speed
6. Aperture
7. ISO
8. Lighting
9. DIY (low cost, no cost) projects & how to use them - Snoots, grids, tricking out your Cactus wireless triggers, building a beauty dish, V-Cards, using rechargeable deer lights, soup container diffuser, building lighting tent, etc.

Break for lunch

Afternoon Shooting (3 stations):

1 – Shooting station with natural (window) light, reflectors, diffusers
1 – Shooting station with two speedlights
1 – Shooting station with halogen work lights

Cost: $175

Each attendee will also get a thumb drive containing all of the information we cover in the seminar (for future reference), photography projects, a list of recomended reading, a bazillion links to photography and DIY sites, and much, much more.

Every attendee will also leave with a gift from one of our sponsors, which currently includes Lumiquest, Kubota Image Tools, PRESSLite, and Power PAX.

The signup page has not yet been completed so if you want to reserve your spot now simply drop us an email and we will save your seat and contact you when the registration form is available.


Michael Palmer said...

Good For YOU!! Scott, you are very knowledgeable and the participants have a great time learning from you.

See you in 2 months...

We need to talk about scheduling some shoot times = )

Jason Anderson said...

In Maine?!?! But, I can't travel that far to attend! Aw man!

Just kidding, congrats Scott - two major kudos for you, with the 1000th post and now the workshop getting all set up - that will surely be a great experience and I wish you the best with that...I only wish I could attend!