Small in size and price, but HUGE in functionality...

I was looking forward to getting the Frio coldshoe adapter as I've heard so many good things about it from others (including from David Hobby over at Strobist) and because I shoot Speedlight's pretty much exclusively I figured it would be a pretty handy accessory to have in my "bag-o-light".

And even though I was expecting something good, I was still pleasantly surprised just how good they were the moment I pulled them out of the box.

It may be small and made of plastic but as soon as the Frio hits your hand you know it's not just some cheap "do-hicky", it has substance. To ensure a secure fit and longer more durable life the connecting thread is all metal construction.

The Frio is the ONLY hotshoe adapter with a dual-locking mechanism so you can be secure in the knowledge that whatever you attach to it is staying in place. And it's pretty darn universal too, not only will it hold you flash, it will hold an LED panel, a microphone, a monitor, and almost anything else that has a hotshoe mount.

Not only is it designed to live a long life (under normal conditions) it's also designed to break, yes... to break, let me explain: if exposed to extreme shock because something hit your lightstand (or your lightstand hit something) the Frio is designed to break away before the shoe of whatever you have mounted breaks. This little feature could easily save you big bucks in repairs (or replacing) whatever was mounted on your Frio. Ingenious.

My only disappointment? I only got 3.


You get all this for under $14, and shipping won't cost you a penny either, it's free free free.

Below is a quickie Frio demonstration video, for those of you who receive our posts via email can return to the blog to to watch it or head directly over to our YouTube channel to give it a gander.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

This seems awesome! But $14 seems a bit too steep (at least for a grad student).

PS has anyone told you that you look a little bit like David Hobby? :)

Ian Worthington said...

Could be worse: you could be buying it it the UK. 14 pounds there. :(

Scott said...


That David Hobby is one good looking man!



Anonymous said...

Great review, thanks for the tip. I'd missed this on Strobist, the first time around.

Unknown said...

Love this :o)

Robert Orsa said...

I just received mine yesterday (freebie from attending The FlashBus Tour). It seems great. Can't wait to use it in the field.

David R Martinson said...

Seeing this reminded me that I never received mine from the flashbus tour I attended in Minneapolis. However after checking the site, they don't support Sony flashes :( Time to switch

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Just bought one!!! I couldn't stand the knob on my umbrella stand cold shoe. Sometime it would come loose, and other times I would tighten it so much that I needed a small wrench to get it off.