The LensPen is a gem!...

Have you ever reached down to take off your lens cap and realize that the cap was already off but not before you smudge your glass? Or blow really hard in an effort to get some dust off only to accidently spit on your lens?

And then pull out the tail of your shirt in an attempt to cleanup your mess only to make it worse?

No hands up? So I'm the only photographer in the world who has ever did this?


For the last couple weeks I have been test driving the LensPen from Hakuba and have found it to be an incredibly useful tool.

It's small (a little larger than your standard pen) and easily fits in your pocket, pouch, or camera bag. And its compact size allows the LensPen to clean in areas that you finger could not fit.

On one end of the LensPen you will find a retractable cleaning brush and on the other you'll find the cleaning pad that will never dry out and is safe for any/all lenses.

Accessories like the LensPen fall into two categories, "nice to have" and "must have". The LensPen is a must have and if you go on an assignment without this tool in your arsenal it would be a big mistake.

It's all about getting the best image you can, and having a LensPen in your bag will help you make that happen.

Such an important tool can be yours from places like Adorama for only $9.49, a small cost for such a big help.

It's pretty easy to understand why the Hakuba LensPen has been the winner of PTN Product of the Year award five times.


Craig Lee said...

I agree. I've been using a LensPen for quite a while now and agree with what you've said about it.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I have two of these guys and I make sure to always have one in my camera bag and the other in my pocket if I don't take my bag with me. Along with some basic lens wipes (the ones people use for their eye-glasses), these are essential for keeping your front element clean. I believe they also sell these in a smaller size for those that think these are too big to carry.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Just checked and noticed that this specific model is no longer made. However, Adorama sells a bunch of these now. I think their brand (Flashpoint) also makes one.

Jason B. Mixon said...

this product is not available now!!
Where can i buy it??
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