If you have an iPad...

Of course that title would be even more interesting and fun if sung to the tune from the Fiddler on the Roof "If I were a rich man..." Ahhhh, the things that amuse me.


This does more than amuse me. MaxiVista has created a great piece of software that allows you to use your iPad as a second monitor for either your laptop or desktop computer.

It was easy to install and worked perfectly the very first time I used it, 2 very important things (for me at least).

Even cooler, you can get it for less than $10!

This comes in handy especially when it comes to your laptop, it will give you maximum image viewing space.

I used it in a couple different ways, when using Photoshop I dumped all my tools into my iPad so that I had the entire laptop screen to view my images as large as possible.

Because my laptop screen is color corrected and my iPad is not, I actually put Lightroom (the program) on the iPad and had the image I was editing on my (color corrected) laptop screen.

MaxiVista is very inexpensive, works perfectly, and improves your workflow. Anything else I need to say?

Well, I could also tell you that if you don't have an iPad but have two computers (like a desktop and a laptop) they make a version of the software that allows you to share those screens too.

You can download a free trial here.

I know that someone out there is going to say "an iPad is a pretty expensive second monitor". Couple of things I want to say to that, if you add the cost of a second monitor AND a dual monitor card you are darn close to the price of an iPad. A dual monitor setup is just that, two monitors with a relatively limited role.

An iPad will allow you to do much more, not the least of which is to be one of your marketing tools by allowing presentation of your work ANYWHERE to potential clients and even allow that potential client to sign a contract (right on the iPad) making them your actual client.

Below is a short (1 minute) demo video showing MaxiVista at work, if it doesn't come through with your subscription you can head back to the blog or over to YouTube to watch it.


Troy B said...

NOT Mac compatible :-(

Miguel Palaviccini said...

This would be pretty awesome if they had it for a MAC. Also, what kind of stand are they using for the iPad? I'm looking at getting a stand for my fiancee. Something I can move around in case we also want to use it in the kitchen.