Not your mothers Reynolds Wrap...

Rosco has recently come with "PhotoFoil", it's a smaller and more convenient version of the old standby CineFoil.

It comes in 10 foot rolls and you can get it either 12 or 24 inches wide.

Chances are good this is one of those products you will only buy once as it's very heavy duty and can be used over and over again.

It's very versatile and can be used in a lot of different applications, you can follow this link to see how I used to to kill a reflective surface while shooting some products.

In the example below I use PhotoFoil to turn an Westcott Apollo softbox into a strip light.

The first image is just a "standard" one light portrait, in it the subject is pretty evenly lit.

In the example below I covered the outer thirds of the Westcott Apollo with PhotoFoil leaving just a center strip exposed, you can see that the subjects face is well lit but the light falls off quickly as you move to either side of center (of her face).

I first started using Cine/PhotoFoil several years ago and still have every piece I have pulled off the roll, this stuff just doesn't wear out!

Below is a quick video, if you're a subscriber you will need to return to the blog or head directly over to our YouTube channel to watch it.


Robert said...

that looks like fun stuff. since you don't need any more, of it you should use the samples as your next contest prize.

Scott said...

That is a very good idea Robert... and I will include some in the next couple contests.


wide angle photography said...

Thanks for the insight of photofoil. interesting read

Miguel Palaviccini said...

This is a pretty neat way to 'make' a striplight from a softbox! Awesome and thanks for sharing!