A 16" x 20" canvas wrap for $45...

Sorry to say it's too late for for this deal, but it will be back in a couple months and I want you to be prepared.

I signed up for Groupon a while back and get email notifications of outstanding deals, but those deals are available for a limited time, so you need to act quickly. One of those deals was a 16" x 20" gallery wrap from Canvas on Demand.

There has been more than one post here about why I love Canvas on Demand and recommend them so highly (you can read some of those posts here, here, and here). They are a great place to buy your canvas prints (I know because I just ordered the 6th canvas for my house), but when you can get such a large canvas wrap for just $45 it would be silly not to.

The normal price is $127 so $45 (which includes shipping) represents a 65% savings (and a far better price than I can get even with my pro account).

An interesting fact about canvas prints that I learned from Earl Christie was that it has a slightly wider color range than paper prints, so you will actually see more color and more details, especially in the blacks.

So sign up for Groupon discounts so you are ready to pounce the next time around.


Jane said...

Not quite as good a deal, and I don't know how they compare, but Adorama has 16 x 20 prints for about $75

Ed Macke said...

Costco also offers canvas prints, with a 16x20 running $44.99. But I'm not sure if all canvas prints are created equally....

Scott, I got the Groupon when you mentioned it last time, and just recently used it (I had a hard time deciding which image to honor with a canvas print!) and it's due to arrive tomorrow... can't wait!

Scott said...


Let me know what you think after it arrives.