Do you shoot a Canon EOS Rebel?

If you shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel then I can use your help.

Yesterday I received the brand new book "Canon EOS Rebel T3i / 600D: From Snapshots to Great Shots" written by Jeff Revell.

The problem is I don't shoot Canon. Sure I can read it and tell whether or not it is a good book but that wouldn't be fair to our readers who shoot Canon, nor would it be fair to Jeff.

So to be sure that the review does the book credit I am looking for a Canon shooter who can do the review for us.

If you're interested drop me an email and I will pick (probably randomly) from the submissions and send the "chosen one" the book for review.

Oh, and you will get to keep the book.

Looking forward to hearing from you Canon shooters.

(update: we have our reviewer, thanks to everyone who wrote in offering to help)


Robert said...

I use a rebel, but not the T3i, If you have one to go with the book I'll review it. ;)

Just Jen said...

I shoot with the T3i, and would love to review the book. ~ Jenn

keb1991 said...

I shoot with the T2i, but mainly for video, if thats of any help?

half blind said...

Cool, Scott. Unfortunately I don't use a Canon...

NJ Stevenson said...

I shoot T3i also.