My new Tamrac sling pack bag...

I have mentioned more than once that I shoot weddings and one of the things that I have been searching for is a camera bag/system to use while I shoot.

If you have shot a wedding (or almost any fast moving/fluid event) you know you don't have time to run back and forth to your camera bag to swap cameras, grab batteries, or flash cards. You need to have your "tools" with you, in arms length.

It would be embarrassing to tell you how many different things I have tried (and how much money I have spent) in an effort to have my tools close at hand. I shoot with two cameras (one with a 17-50 lens, the other with an 80-200), a flash, batteries, flash cards, lens cloth, etc.

The last thing I tried (and I thought held the most promise) was a belt system. What a disaster! The first problem was that there was no place that would hold my second camera, so my unused camera hung around my neck not only getting in my way but also banging into things (like it was magnetized to every hard item within 10 feet). The belt compartments were not easily accessible and I am sure that the wedding guests did not appreciate the "plumbers crack" this heavy belt kept trying to produce. I could go on with the belt system problems but will leave you with that last unpleasant mental picture.

My frustrations came to an end when I got a Tamrac Velocity 8x Sling Pack. This is exactly what I have been searching for and have been singing its praises to my photography friends ever since.

Let me share with you just some of the things that made me fall in love with this bag:

1. It hangs comfortable (and securely) on my shoulder with a wide strap that does not dig in (and is easily adjustable).
2. It holds everything I need (second camera, flash, lens, etc.).
3. The bag slides around (and stays) on my back, out of the way, until I need it.
4. The bag opens AWAY from me, so I have easy access to my gear and I'm not fighting to get over the top of the bag to get inside.
5. It has a zipper and two buckles that hold the cover in place, when I shoot I use just the two buckles, this speeds access to the contents while still holding the top firmly closed (and my gear inside).
6. The accessory compartments were designed with easy access in mind, and the design works wonderfully.
7. No buttocks cleavage!

The Velocity 8x Sling Pack is a beautiful bag, thoughtfully laid out, with outstanding functionality and of the all the "pro" sling packs I looked at, it is the most reasonably priced (about $69 street price).

If you are a NAPP member B&H Photo will give you free shipping, saving you even more.

So if you are looking for a shooting buddy that will carry its own weight, you need to look into getting a Velocity 8x Sling Pack.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott. That's a clever design and it sounds like your experience has been good. I could use something more convenient. And wow, what a low price compared to others. Thanks again -John

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I really like these sling bags. I don't own a tamrac, but I have the lowepro version of the sling bag and it's very convenient to use. It's great to have just one bag do it all!

Photokismet said...

Looking through your review list, I came upon this post. I have this the closet. Your post made me revisit it and I'm now taking it out of 'moth balls.' Thanks for reminding me that I have what I need!

julsky9 said...

So I'm finding this post nearly 5 years after you wrote it. I'm curious if if you still use/love this bag? There are many sling bags on the market now and I'd love to know if you've tried others and what you thought.

Scott said...

Yes, 5 years out and I do still use it.

But it is something I use as a "vacation bag", a weekend, or a day trip.

It's prefect for these scenarios, but obviously not for a wedding or commercial shoot.

Thanks for coming by and taking the time to ask a question.