Q & A with Matt Kloskowski...

Here is the beginning of yet another new new feature here on Weekly Photo Tips, more interviews, and I am starting out with Matt Kloskowski.


Q. When/how did you get into photography?
A. I don't have a real defining moment for when and how. I know I dabbled with photography in high school but the darkroom really made things difficult for me at the time. When digital came out I got back into it and got my first DSLR back 2001.

Q. Who (or what) had the most influence on your development as a photographer?
A. I'll answer the "what" part. The "who" list is really long. The largest influence on me was looking at other people's work. I've read through countless books and magazines and I always pay attention to other's photography and what I like about it. I've always tried to put into words what I like, and then write it down so I can use it in my own photography later. I have pages of notes about ideas and things that I want to shoot so whenever I had a camera in my hand I'd refer back to those notes of things to keep in mind.

Q. What was your "big break"?
A. About 5 years ago, I got a call from the HR person over at the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). I had written articles and done some web videos for them in the past and she asked if I was interested in a full time position. Two weeks later, I had a new job and I've loved coming to work every day since then.

Q. Why do you shoot Nikon?
A. Honestly... because all of my friends do. It just makes it easier when I have questions or want to borrow/lend equipment.

Q. Which model do you shoot?
A. D300

Q. What is your favorite lens?
A. Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR I love that lens!

Q. What is your favorite shooting (off camera) accessory?
A. Probably my Really Right Stuff ballhead and L-bracket. It's a bit pricey but once you use it you'll never go back. My only regret is that I waited so long to get one.

Q. If I looked in your camera bag, what would I find?
A. Camera, 70-200, 18-200, 50mm f/1.8, and 24-70mm lenses. You'd also see a polarizing filter, a remote cable release, some type of reflector, and an SB-800 flash.

Q. RAW or jpg (and why)?
A. Mostly Raw. Some JPEG if I'm shoot sports or my kids playing, but mainly Raw because It gives you that little extra bit of safety when it comes to recovering some highlights and shadows in your photos.

Q. PC or MAC (and why)?
A. MAC - same reason I shoot Nikon.

Q. If you had to pick one - Lightroom or Photoshop, which one and why?
A. Its impossible for me since I use Photoshop for so many things other then photography. As a photographer though, I'd probably say Lightroom since I get most of my work done there. But there is ALWAYS some kind of distracting element in a photo that I want to clone out so I'd be cursing myself if I didn't have Photoshop to go in and use cloning/healing to remove it.

Q. Of the books, blogs, podcasts, and DVD's you have done, is there one you are most proud of?
My Layers book. Its a book that came directly from teaching and hearing what problems people had with Photoshop. I just listened to the folks that I was teaching and wrote the book that covered the questions I got asked the most. Plus, it was a really fun book to write and create projects for.

Q. Of all the places you have shot, what was your favorite?
A. Banff National Park. Absolutely stunning!

Q. Where would you like to shoot but haven’t yet?
A. IndiaQ. If you had to shoot just one kind of photography (portrait, wedding, etc.) what would it be? A. Landscape. They don't talk back to you :)

Q. If you could take your family anywhere on vacation, where would it be?
A. An African safari. My kids would love it!

Q. Lastly, what is the one thing you would want people to know about Matt Kloskowski?
A. I'm a family guy. My wife and kids always come first.

You can get more of Matt at Lightroom Killer Tips, DTown TV, and Photoshop User TV.


anita said...

- great interview. What a compelling photo of Matt, doesn't he look like a professor?

Rossi said...

Great interview. It's interesting that you picked the person I like so much. I hope this is the start of a series of interviews :-)

Greeting from Germany...

half blind said...

Matt is a very knowledgable and genuinely nice guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him at one of his seminars recently and he was absolutely great.