Important Canon 5D Mark II firmware update...

My friend Mark is a Canon shooter and when we get together the conversation will often turn to the Canon 5D Mark II, as it is one remarkable camera.

His only "complaint" is the lack of video aperture control.

Well, either Mark has incredible pull with the folks at Canon or a bunch of other people have been talking about the very same shortcoming as tomorrow (June 2nd) Canon is releasing a firmware update that now gives folks full manual control.

From Canon: "This new firmware will accommodate a great number of user requests for manual exposure control in the EOS 5D Mark II video mode. Manual exposure control while shooting video on the EOS 5D Mark II is expected to make a big impact with cinematographers and videographers using the 5D Mark II for high-end HD video production".

The update will permit control over ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

You can get the firmware update here.

Just to help drive home the point that this is one phenomenal Camera, here is a music video by Jeremy Cowart shot entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II.

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