Engagement Shoot...

Here are some images from an engagement shoot done on the lone sunny day last week.

This is Carolyn and Zack, a wonderful couple who are getting married next month.

They wanted their engagement portraits shot at the beach and whenever I shoot there I try to do so during the "golden hour", because the light is phenomenal, eliminating the need to drag supplemental lighting (and other equipment) to the beach.

Which is a good thing, because as much as I like shooting at the beach, I do not like the effect sand has on photography gear (I try to NEVER change lenses at the beach).

I was happy with the images, but more importantly Carolyn and Zack were happy with them.

My only problem was there was obviously a problem with my assistants camera, because there is just no way that I am that gray, or that wide!

(click on any image to view larger and in a new window)

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