The rules of Weekly Photo Tips moving forward...

They really are simple (and not that many):

1. If I write a post Monday-Friday it will (almost) always be about photography.

2. If I post over the weekend (or on a holiday) it will very likely be "off topic" (something positive, touching and/or a human interest themed post).

3. Should I write about someone (photographer, vendor, etc.), I'll drop them a note telling them I've done so, not because I'm looking for something in return, it’s just the courteous thing to do, to let folks know when you’ve been talking about them.

4. I plan on having the "rhythm" of at least one post weekly (hence the name "Weekly Photo Tips")

5. If I am going to miss blogging for an extended period (like for vacation) I'll let you good folks know so you won't be wondering if I've dropped off the edge of the earth (because it is flat you know).

6. If I post an image that is not mine (even when I say "here is the work of...") I will ALWAYS put their copyright information right on the image myself. I want it absolutely clear to whom the image belongs.

7. I will ALWAYS give credit where credit is do. If I come across some other peoples cool ideas or techniques that I share on the blog I will make sure to give the appropriate credit (and links) to the person who deserves it.

8. I write like my mom or my children will be reading the post.

9. The theme of this blog matches our review policy, I try NEVER to be or speak negative, and I have no tolerance for internet bullies. Too many folks online emulate the bad examples we see in "reality" TV and I just don't have any desire to participate in that kind of behavior.

That's it, just wanted you to know the rules and standards I hold myself to moving forward and please, feel free to hold my feet to the fire.


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