“Wireless flash” by Uzair Kharawala Reviewed…

I recently had the pleasure of watching the DVD “Wireless flash” by Uzair Kharawala for review on this blog.

Uzair is a wedding and portrait photographer living in England, he does Nikon sponsored training seminars, training for wedding photographers, and has produced this flash DVD.

Be forewarned, this DVD is done with and teaches how to use Nikon flash equipment (SU-800, SB-800), but I would strongly recommend that any photographers interested in learning some cool flash techniques take the time to watch this DVD.

This DVD presents us with 7 different photographic scenarios, 1 indoor & 2 outdoor portrait sessions, 2 outdoor sports sessions, 1 food, and 1 industrial session. A wide variety of lighting challenges, not just easily overcome, but done so with outstanding results. At the end of the blog you will find images from 2 of the 7 sessions.

Before you get 2 minutes into the DVD the first thing you will be impressed with is the quality of production. The audio is simply top notch in clarity and volume levels, the best I have heard in a photography based training DVD.

The chapters explain everything that a beginner or a person who has owned their camera for awhile may need to know in order to get excellent images using a simple set up that consists of a couple flashes and one triggering device.

In each of the seven photography sessions Uzair explains to the viewer the settings of the equipment being used and the conditions of the shoot conditions itself.

The flow from shoot 1 to shoot 7 is in such an order that it starts with a simple set up for a flash photography shoot and then builds sensibly from that point on by adding the extra equipment and changing to more interesting location examples.

All that being said, there are two things I would like to have been different:

1. The DVD is only 25 minutes long, everything was well documented and covered, but because I was thoroughly enjoying what I was watching, I wished there was more. Much like (for me) eating Thai food, though one plate is delicious and filling, that doesn't mean I wouldn't like some more.

2. A beginner will be blown away with what this DVD teaches, but a more advanced photographer would enjoy a bit of theory and maybe a few technical difficulties that needed to be overcome to make the shoot "work".

This DVD gets two thumbs up. Enjoy!

Outdoor Portrait

Outdoor Sports


Anonymous said...

I bought this DVD on Wireless Flash and it has less than zero information for anyone trying to learn how to use their off camera flash. There is a marginal amount technical information on settings and as a result is useless as a learning tool. Dont waste your money....

Miguel Palaviccini said...

How does this compare to the Nikon Creative Lighting DVD? I have that one and it's worth every penny.

From what you mention, it looks like it would be a good 2nd DVD to watch. Thoughts?