Battery caddy, small item, big help...

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big deal, for me, it's AA batteries. Lots and lots of AA batteries.

I use two Nikon SB-800 flashes when shooting (they take 5 batteries each), and when it's a fast moving event (like a wedding) changing batteries needs to go off without a hitch.

The trouble for me is organization and accessibility. I have tried zip lock bags, Tupperware, pouches, and.... well you get the picture.

And as soon as the flash seems to slow (even a little) I change batteries, so I don't want to throw them away as they still have lots of life left in them (for my girls CD players and other energy sucking devices), so my problem is compounded organizing my fully charged batteries and (keeping them separate from) from my "take homes".

Then the Personal Battery Caddy came to the rescue (cue dramatic music here). I have three of the 12 pack battery caddy's in my bag and they work like a charm, no fumbling in a bag for batteries, no cover coming off the Tupperware and AA batteries going everywhere. No wondering which batteries are good.

These battery caddy's keep me organized, they're compact and get two thumbs way up for their ease of accessibility. Convenience is another word that comes to mind.

And as I change batteries I put the used ones back into the battery caddy upside down so I can tell at a glance which is new battery and which is a take home.

Personal Battery Caddy is available for different battery sizes and mixed configurations, they are rugged, well made, and very inexpensive($3.95-$4.95), here is just a small taste of the sizes that are available:

"AA" 12 Pack Battery Caddy

"AA" 4 Pack Battery Caddy

"AAA" 6 Pack Battery Caddy

"CR123" 4 Pack Battery Caddy

"9V" 4 Pack Battery Caddy

If you use batteries in your photography (or anywhere in your life), you need to give these organizational bad boys some serious consideration!


Mountainwave said...

Great idea. I have a shoot next week and I'm always carrying them in ziplock bags. Thanks...ordered two.

IBM Lenovo Laptop Batteries said...

Well I like how you worded the title firsssst of all. your posting was quite interesting, but is that really how it is??
Well Im sure that its really good so I hope nothing changes its really kool :)

Scott said...

That is exactly how it is, it has been a year since I wrote that review and these are still in my bag and I love them just as much.

They are handy little organizers and glad to have them.

Thanks for reading my blog.


JIM said...

Gagits are everywhere and they all claim to be wiz bang thingees to make life easier for all of us.
But these things really work!
One of those things that makes you say "why didn't I think of that."

Miguel Palaviccini said...

This is one of those things that you don't know that you need until you have one. And while I'm sure they weren't made specifically for photographers, I'm sure glad one found the other! These things keep my bag that much more organized.

John said...

Been using PowerPax for more than a year, they're awesome. There are less expensive battery cases available, but none are like this. PowerPax are worth every penny, and it's not like they're actually very expensive anyway.

David R Martinson said...

I have something similar with a flip top on it. Lays flat and in groups of 4. People always ask what they are, it's quite amusing.