Some images from today...

I don't usually post my images just to show them, usually they appear in a "support" role in relationship to some other topic (to make point, review a product, or demonstrate a technique), but today was a good day to shoot, I liked how they came out, and I wanted to share.

Here in Maine we still have a bunch of snow in the ground (in some places it is still being measured in feet), but today is warm (50 degrees... oooohhhhhh) and the combination makes for some cool foggy conditions.

So after I dropped my kids off at school this morning I trekked out to some local horse farms to snag some shots, and here they are:


JadeGreenImage said...

Love the tones, interesting and non-standard compositions. I like.

M Palmer said...

I really like the top shot- nice work

Stacey said...

The first is my favorite. Love it!

The snow can LEAVE now....

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