A Pet photography must!...

Some of the most important information contained in this post is included in the very last paragraph, so if you skip anything DON'T skip the last paragraph.

I can describe Jed & Vicki Taufer and their photography business in just four words "great people, outstanding products".

Their latest offering is "Unleashed", a pet photography resource full of detailed information and resources for any photographer that is considering adding pets to their business, or if you already offer pet photography "Unleashed" will help you do it better and with greater success.

You will get a DVD with 72 folders, 165 files, and stuffed with over 2 1/2 gigabytes of information.

What you'll get isn't theory, or what someone thinks is a good idea, what you will get are the tools and blueprints the Taufer's have used (and continue to use) to make their pet photography so successful.

You name it and it's in there, email marketing, press releases, Photoshop .psd samples and templates for cards, prints, and canvases, how to videos, price lists, and more.

They've even included almost a dozen royalty free stock video clips that you can use to fill out slideshows and promotional pieces you may want to create.

And its not just about making money, its also about giving back. They show you how to team up with local animal shelters and organizations to run fundraisers that benefit the shelters, your clients, and your studio. True win, win, win.

I could go on and on about the depth of information that's included on the DVD but the video below will give you a great visual demonstration of the contents of "Unleashed", so please take the time to watch it all the way through.

Here comes the REALLY important part(s) - until the end of the day on Friday (June 4th) you can purchase "Unleashed" for only $84.50. That's half off the regular price! Simply use the discount code "UNLEMAIL" during check out and you'll receive the 50% off special. And because I am so impressed with "Unleashed" I'm going to do something I've never done before, guarantee someone else's product. The first person who purchases this and doesn't think they got their moneys worth, I'll give you your $84.50 back. How's that for believing in a product I review?


Nathan said...


Thanks so much for the review!

Tami Tripp said...

Cute idea...pets are cute and people love them.

Pamela said...

Just ordered my copy. Can't wait to see how it will augment our pet sessions. Thanks again, Scott!

Scott said...


Would love to hear more about your pet photography and what you think about “unleashed” after you have a chance to go through it.

Were you able to get it half off?


Nicolasa said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

This has been on my list for quite some time ... I may have to pull the trigger. Soon.

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Unknown said...

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Roger M. Lloyd said...

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