Zach Arias... Part 2...

I wanted to add a couple things to yesterdays post.

First, I didn't give you all his links, so here are links to his website, his blog, and his One Light workshops.

Second (and the main reason for the second post), since posting I listened to another interview of Zack done by Rangefinder Radio which is filled with great information, pertinent to anyone who is serious about being a photographer.

You can download the interview here, and get the feature article of Zach done it the April edition.

Lastly, even though I will be attending the "Studio Lighting" workshop I have pre-purchased it because I know it will be something I will refer back to again and again.

After listening to his interviews I get the feeling Zach holds himself to a pretty high standard so with this workshop he will be swinging for the fences (for you non baseball fans you can figure out what that means here), I think it will be something pretty spectacular.

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