Something old is new again... Trade Secret Cards...

We have reviewed Trade Secret Cards in the past (the Strobist version here, the Chase Jarvis version here) and as you read the reviews it is pretty obvious I LOVED them both.

What I liked about them was that they were not meant to be copied exactly as displayed, but to inspire. By seeing the final image AND the complete lighting setup it's easy to follow (and understand) how things were done (how a lighting effect was achieved), what could be done with light (the possibilities), and to stimulate your own creative juices enough to go out and try something new, different, and adventurous.

Well Trade Secret Cards have been improved in two (big) ways, first the size... each lighting "card" is significantly bigger. When it comes to old men like me bigger (print) is better and second, because the old version were individual cards you could more easily "misplace" a card.

The new cards are bound in book form, but each page is also perforated as well so if you prefer to remove one (or all) you can, the best of both worlds.

One thing has not changed, the quality. The cards are done on firm card stock, they are beautifully printed, and are also coated so should the need arise you can wipe them down without the fear of harming them.

And even though they are now bigger and better, the price has increased only slightly, so please, head over to Peachpit Press to check them out (and order yourself a set). You can also find them at Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

Below is a video we did demonstrating the difference between the old and the new cards, I also show how I added my own little hack to the new cards so please check it out.

And for you subscribers, perhaps one day Blogger will push through video with your subscription, but until then you will either need to return to the blog or head directly to our YouTube channel to watch this video.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I like the spiral idea quite a bit. I can't believe the strobist cards are only 17 bucks! Thanks for showing us these.

Pam said...

I think I like the spiral idea alot, thanks and for the price you really can't go wrong info in your pocket all the time.

Tibor Ogrizek said...

I have the older, smaller version of the cards and I must say this bigger version looks quite nice. Also, the spiral bound idea is a great one - this is the way the cards should be published in the first place.