Review of the GamiLight Square 43...

I have had the pleasure of taking the soon to be available GamiLight for a test run and there is a lot to like about it.

Like the light weight, which has the duel benefit of the softbox not drifting down (off the flash), it also puts less weight/tension on the flash head (very important).

It could not fold any flatter, making it extremely portable.

I like how large it is, allowing it to throw a bigger, softer light than almost any small flash softbox out there. As an example of the light it throws I have included four images I shot of my daughters using a single Nikon flash and a GamiLight.

Along with the GamiLight Square 43 their lineup will include the BOX 21 (small softbox), the SPOT 3 (snoot), and the EVENT PRO & EVENT FUN (a bounce light).

They will begin rolling out the first week of April and should be concluded by the end of May (2011). Each of these light modifiers is designed to fold flat for portability and for quick and easy setup.

And though their website is not yet complete you can learn more about them and their products on their Facebook page, you can also email them directly regarding availability.

Check out more of our GamiLight review in the video below (subscribers head back to the blog or directly over to our YouTube channel to watch it).


Michael Palmer said...

Nice........... Love the jersey of choice here.

Larry Wyatt said...

Hi Scott:

From the photos, it appears to be pretty hot in the center.

Keep up the good work.


Scott said...

Hey Larry,

I set the light up for that look, I wanted bright on one side with drop-off and shadow on the other.

Had I pulled the light further away it would have been softer and wrapped more.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

Looks very interesting, but I'd like it to be bit bigger. With that size, you can just do headshots..

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Very nice quality of light when compared to the bare flash!