Would you like $50 from Simply Canvas?...

If you attend the meeting this coming Monday (March 7th) of the Maine Photographers Coalition every person who walks through the door will get a $50 gift certificate from Simply Canvas.

There will be many other fabulous door prizes as well.

The topic for this meeting is "Printing & Selling Fine Art Prints" and the featured speaker will be Joe Ciarcia from Gamut Prints.

Joe will be discussing:

*Upselling Fine Art Prints- how to add fine art prints to your current product line

*Quick tips for marketing fine art prints to your current and past clients

*Best practices for printing/profiling your own fine art prints

*Paper comparisons- look at and touch paper samples from the leading paper companies

*The value of outsourcing- outsourcing vs. in house printing

The Details:

*Doors open at 7pm, the program will start at 7:30pm

*We will meet at Stacey Kane's studio in Scarborough- 134 Black Point Road, Scarborough, ME

*Administrative Fee: $10

*Make sure you bring a business card to drop into the fish bowl to be eligible for the other great door prizes

*Please RSVP if you haven't done so already.

So please, come and hob nob with your fellow photographers, you will meet seasoned professionals as well as photographers who are just starting out, there will be young and old, good looking and... well... me.


Hope to see you there.


photography by anika alonzo said...

I so wish I lived closer! That would be fun to go there :)

Scott said...

Well, if you started driving now...


photography by anika alonzo said...

MD is not that far, but these kids would mix up that meeting big time ;)

Andrew said...

Bit of a long swim though :-) Nice programme

Miguel Palaviccini said...

All of these Maine workshops sound great! Florida is a long walk (19 days, 24 hrs), bike (6 days, 3 hrs), or drive (1 day, 2 hrs) ... so I'm going to have to pass :(