A camera bag "must have" for under $10...

Here is a tool you should have in your camera bag... NO exceptions.

It's a multi purpose air blower and it can be yours for only $5.75 (with free shipping).

I have one in my camera bag and another one in my flash bag and use it for things like blowing of around the lens mount before I change lenses. I use it to blow off dust from either end of a lens and for blowing gunk out of my camera body (just be sure to hold the body with the lens mount facing down).

They have a check valve in the back so it is not sucking the dirt in that you're trying to blow away.

These are from Adorama are made of a nontoxic, environmentally friendly silicon rubber, and are resistant to both high and low temperatures.

It also has a removable nozzle so it can easily fit into your bag.

So head over to Adorama and get yourself a blower (or two).


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I have one of these rocket blowers and I make sure to clean out my sensor after any long outdoor trip (or if I happen to see any dust). Love it!

Mako said...

Interesting and creative way to use to what looks the "camera plunger". I would like to put this article on my website.



Maryann [MF*****Fotos] said...

Exactly what I have been meaning to buy and a bargain price to boot! Thanks for the tip and recommendation!

Sacramento Wedding Photographer said...

Thanks for the great find!!!