If you are a dad...

The first time I saw the commercial below I thought "they get it" because it captures exactly what it's like for me (and I am sure other parents as well), I have 3 young ladies in high school but when I look at them I see my little girls in their jammies.

This is my reality:

This is real reality:

And if they see this post I am a dead man.


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barbs said...

Absolutely true!! My youngest is 19 and I think of her as maybe 8

Dave said...

In lieu of flowers, where should we send donations to? You know, just in case they read this?

corina said...

yeah, they did a good job conveying how us parents see our kids & how our parents probably see us :)

clipping path service said...

it is really excellent work! you've done lots of awesome job :)

Scott said...


No flowers or donations needed, they did see the post (forgot it is sent to Facebook) but was ok because they approved of the images.