Nikon SB-900 reviews...

Here's what a few folks had to say about the new mac-daddy flash, the Nikon SB-900.

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Downside: price, increase size takes up more room in your bag and your current light modifiers might not fit it (A Scott Kelby blogger also noted that it was a challenge fitting them into Justin Clamps, and some other off-camera hot shoe mounts).
Upside: recycle time of 2 seconds (1 second of you use the optional battery pack), thermal shutdown protection.

"My biggest problem is, I absolutely love the SB-800s. IMO, many of the added features are great. But I do not think I can justify switching everything out wholesale. Buying just one might be a very good idea -- I can see many instances when those extra features would make for a more useful single flash."

Downside: Size is bulky, plastic tripod mount, No multiple cabled TTL or TTL modes.
Upside: Thought it was their best flash interface to date, better swivel, dedicated gel holder.

"After some preliminary use, I don't think there's any doubt: get an SB-900 if you're heavy into flash (and retire your SB-800 to dedicated remote wireless use)."

Ken Rockwell:
Downside: Too big, too expensive. does not work in the traditional TTL mode of film cameras.
Upside: Great zoom range, evenness of illumination, Faster recycle time.

"The SB-900 is a flash for full-time newsmen and wedding shooters. It's a poor choice for general photography."

Personally, I have no plans to go out and get the SB-900, as I use flash only when I absolutely have to (like shooting a wedding in a cave), but I am troubled that the SB-900 is a replacement for the SB-800, not in new addition to the Nikon flash family.

You will find the Nikon SB-900 page here.


Ashley Hataway said...

I like mine. It's wonderful...

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I've read so many reviews over and over again and can't wait until I find myself using one. However, with the new SB700 coming out, I think that may be the way to go. Same layout at the 900 but at a fraction of the cost. Thanks for posting the review of the reviews, it's incredibly helpful.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Just noticed the comment I left a year and a half ago. I ended up buying a used sb-900 and haven't looked back. The functionality is just great and the menus are very easy to navigate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people also complain about the thermal cut-out....cutting out! You can turn off the thermal cut-out and treat just like your SB800...and blissfully blast away indefinitely.