The resource known as David Ziser...

I know, I know, I've talked about David Ziser in the past but like a great restaurant or a beautiful vacation spot, once isn't nearly enough.

As new readers join this blog, I want to make sure they know about David too.
First his blog, he provides more information regarding the art of capturing an image and running a photography practice than anyone else I know, you need to have his blog at the top of your favorites list. He brings it fast and furious too, so if you miss a few days of reading, you've missed a lot (and it takes a bit to catch up).

I think the best $69 I have spent on photography resources was purchasing is 2 DVD (4 1/2 hour) set "Digital Wakeup Call". He's very methodical in evaluating software, gear, and the processes he uses in his studio and David takes the time to share that with us on these DVD's.

Something I have not done yet, but hope to soon, is to travel to his his studio and attend his week long "Digital Master Class". After seeing how much information he crams into 2 DVD's I can't wait to see what he squeezes into an entire week! As photographers we will spend thousands on gear, so $750 on a week with David Ziser is something that will pay dividends for as long as you hold a camera.

Even if none of the things I have mentioned seems interesting to you (which would probably mean you are no longer among the living) you should visit his blog and be inspired by the beautiful imagery, after you absorb it for a minute or two your first thought will be "how did he do that"?

And the nice thing is, David Ziser is more than happy to share that with you too.

The Littlest Groomsman - David Ziser

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

I just got his new book (Captured by the Light). While I don't plan on shooting weddings anytime soon, it's a great introduction to shooting portraits (with and without speedlights).