We need our readers help identifying a font....

One of our readers recently wrote in with a question hoping that one of you good folks might be able to answer it.

Would anyone out there by chance know the name of the font in the picture below.

If you know it (or think you do) please leave your answer as a comment to this post.

My money is betting we will have the correct answer in no time.

Thanks everyone.

Nikon announces the new D4s!...

Today Nikon announced a new flagship camera, the Nikon D4s.

The D4s is a speed demon shooting 40% faster than the D4.

Here are a few more of the differences:

Image Processing Engine D4S: EXPEED 4 30% faster Increased number of shots Higher video quality at high ISO Supports 1080 60p More shots per charge
(D4 Processing Engine EXPEED 3)

ISO Sensitivity Range: 100 to 25,600 Lo1 (ISO 50) to Hi4 (ISO 409,600)
(D4 Range is 100-12,800 ISO)

RAW SIZE S: 12-bit uncompressed
(D4 no)

Advanced Scene Recognition System: Group Area AF added

Face Priority analysis for viewfinder shooting: On/Off possible with custom setting
(D4 Always On)

Spot White Balance when using Live View
(D4 No)

So if you have a spare $6500 you want to spend, or simply want to read more about the D4s and drool just follow this link.