A tested a new toy and LOVE IT!...

Have you ever been on a search for something, and when you finally found it was so darn excited you did the happy dance all by yourself?

Since my first digital camera (which I think was wood burning) I have been looking for "just the right" storage device to hold my memory cards and would be embarrassed to tell you how many different card holders I have tried and how much money I have spent in the process (for fear my wife might find out).

About 10 days ago I got a package from the kind folks at Hakuba USA who sent me one of their digital media storage devices and it was love at first site. That love grew even deeper when I started using it.

There are about 10 products waiting for review on this blog but I was so enamored with this memory card wallet that I bumped it to the front of the line.

To test it I have 1) kept it in my back pocket for the entire day (and "tiny" has never been my nick-name), 2) dropped it down a flight of stairs several times, 3) thrown it across the driveway, and 4) dropped it about 10 feet onto concrete surface (all on purpose of course) and it survived my "testing" beautifully.

Not once did the case even pop open.

Of the card cases I have use in the past, they all have had the hinge or clasp (sometimes both) that were separate components attached to the case and after extended use (certainly not abuse) they would either fail or miss-align and I would end up keeping the case closed with a rubber band. Pretty fancy shmancy for a big wig photographer.

The outer case from Hakuba is one solid/contagious piece with a simple but very effective design and made from an extremely rugged material.

But wait, there's more, you can get them at places like Adorama for just under $12. That is a small price to pay for such outstanding protection.

Most photographers I know want the best protection they can get for their media cards and this "armored wallet" is it.


Unknown said...

I use this same wallet. It's solid.

TIP: place unused cards front (brand side) facing UP (out); place used cards front (brand side) facing down (in). It makes it easy to keep track of which ones have data and which ones are ready to be used.

Anonymous said...

How funny, D -- I do the same thing in order to keep track of my used/un-used cards!

Michael Palmer said...

This is something I need, I currently use a lowepro soft one and I am thinking that the hard case would be usefull- esp when I want to throw the across the parking lot

Teresa Feagans said...

I have used two like this for years and LOVE them! I do the same with the cards facing up and facing down. I also have numbered the slots on the flat area with a sharpie, #1-4 in my first case and #5-8 in my second case. This is so I can easily keep track of where I am at a wedding.

khun ross said...

I went to the site but all that was there was for Sunpak tripods etc.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

^^^ Great tip D!

I was looking for an sd one but couldn't find it. Any ideas?