The August 2008 Photo Contest Winners are...

It is hard to believe we are coming to the "end of summer" (bad thing) it's also time for the August photo contest winners (good thing).

As usual, you can click on either image to view it larger (in a separate/new window).

Winner number one is "Bike Rally" sent in by Regenia Brabham from Georgia.

Location: Georgia State Fair in Macon, Georgia
Equipment Used: Canon 20D and a 70-300 mm zoom lens. Natural Light.
Post Production: Photoshop CS3 to crop the image and then to adjust the levels, contrast, and de-saturate.

Regenia: "The police were at the fair for security and had their bikes parked in this line. I seem to be drawn to lines and patterns and I think that is why I like this image so much."

You can visit Regenia's website here.

Our next winner is Tyra from Idaho:

Location: Puyallup, WA
Equipment Used: Nikon D60 and a 18-55mm lens
Post Production: Photoshop elements was used to tint the image black and white and add the inked edge overlay

Tyra: "We were on a walk around a nearby creek and my sons were finding all sorts of beautiful treasures in nature. These tiny pinecones were his favorite. I am totally an amateur photographer, but thought your contest would be fun to enter!"

You can visit Tyra at her blog here.

And the prizes this month are (drum roll please....): Regenia is getting a copy of "Mastering HDR Photography" by Michael Freeman and Tyra will be receiving a copy of "The Advanced Digital Photographer's Workbook".

The September contest is now open, so please keep those mages coming!

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Tyra said...

Thanks! I am so excited to get the book! Do I need to send you my mailing address.