Two DVD workshops from Doug Gordon...

I've had the pleasure of watching two different DVD sets produced by Dou Gordon that I would like to share with you.

The first, a 2 DVD set called "The Real Wedding Day", will take you though one of Doug's weddings from beginning to end. Nothing is left out, you will spend hours with Doug and see exactly what he does at a wedding and watch him interact with the wedding party. Believe me what the bride and groom told you they wanted to happen during that short period of time between the ceremony and the reception and making it happen can be in stark contrast. And if the brides initial desires do not come to fruition who do you think will take the blames - the photographer.

There is downtime during weddings and you will also see what Doug does during that downtime to be as productive as psooible.

If you are considering venturing into the filed of wedding photography I would strongly suggest you do two things:

1. Buy this DVD set and see what really happens from the eye of a photographer who shoots hundreds of weddings a year.

2. If after watching this DVD set you still want to shoot weddings, find a wedding photographer who will let you tag along as a second shooter and put into action the things you learned from Doug's DVD.

Assuming you still want to be a wedding photographer you will need clients and that's where the next DVD set comes in.

It's called "The Closer" and there are two important things you will take from this DVD:

1. In the DVD Doug takes you from the initial phone call from a bride to "sealing the deal". An essential lesson you will take away is how to gently prod your bride into making a decision sooner rather than later (either thumbs up or down). The poor bride has so many things to deal with that if you let her, things can drag on, and on, and... and using Doug's techniques will help you book your schedule full and take one thing off the brides plate that she doesn't have to worry about.

2. The accompanying CD has seven different contracts on it, the same contracts Doug uses in his studio use and they are and excellent starting point for you to decide what you need to include in your contracts.

One last point I would like to add regarding your initial client interview, its much like a first date, if it doesn't work you should not go on the second date. If you don't mesh well with the client, don't force it. If you do you'll end up having a very long day and your bride may not truly be happy. This is their day and everything should be perfect.

I know I've send this before "long after people forget what you've done for them, they will remember how you made the feel" and if you didn't really hit it off with your bride she'll never be completely happy and you're likely to never get a referral from the job.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it's about more than just the money.

Follow the links to learn more about Doug, his educational DVD's, his workshops, and his blog.

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Anonymous said...

I watched Doug Gordon and he is gooood!!!