Another weekend another wedding...

Just to warn you, this is the first of three Mondays in a row that you are going to be subjected to my wedding images.

Two more weeks and the wedding season is over (for me at least).

I had the pleasure of shooting this past Saturday with Tim Riley, the other half of Riley Photographic.

It's fun to shoot with other photographers because I always learn something new, sometimes big, sometimes small, but always something that makes me a better photographer (plus it's nice to have someone to talk to).

Take for example the last image in this set, it was Tim's idea to go down to the beach. It was well after sunset (dark AND foggy) but he wanted to shoot with no flash, no image stabilization because he wanted an "impressionistic" look. It's a great shot to use as the background image for a collage page in their wedding album.

Please know that I post these my images here not because I think they are all that (and a bag of chips), it's because I like to hear your comments and critiques (as in constructive criticism, not "hey Scott, you suck", or "who took that picture, Stevie Wonder?").


Feel free to click on any of the images to view it larger (in a new window).

See ya tomorrow.


Michael Palmer said...

Alright Ray!! Sorry, it just slipped out---- Scott the shot with the wedding party looking on is PERFECT!! THAT is the SHOT- Great execution.

Mike Gavin said...

What would you think about cropping just above his right hand. It just does not look like its in the right place. I love the light in all of them. and the last one on the beach is great.

Scott said...

Thanks for the suggestion… I will give it a try…

dawnaclark said...

Wow, the last shot...."that is so cool"! I actually sat here in front of my computer and said that out loud!

I hooked up to your blog via Shutter Sisters via Ali Edwards' blog. I have no tips to share, but am looking forward to getting yours and others. I am an amateur/hobbyist/family photojournalist for forever it seems.
Thanks for blogging!

Shena Kaye said...'re my Hero.