Review of the R-Strap from BlackRapid...

While I was waiting for my new R-Strap to arrive I was wondering what to expect, though to be honest, I wasn't holding out much hope because I've had more than my share of bad relationships with camera straps. In fact I will soon be opening the worlds first "bad camera strap" museum.

I have spent so much time (and too much money) looking for a good comfortable camera strap. I have them straight and contoured, I have them cushioned with soft foam and bubble air pockets, and regardless of the strap I used it was a pain in the... well, the neck.

If you have ever had a camera strap around your neck (and if you're reading this blog, you have) you know exactly what I am talking about.

As if the camera isn't heavy enough, add glass, and the faster the glass the heavier it is.

So if you are shooting with a heavy camera and a fast lens you have a bunch of problems, you have a weight pulling down on the back of your neck and pulling you forward at the same time, and if that isn't enough, your camera is tipping forward and down, let's add a flash to this scenario and things really get worse.

As you move the camera is swaying (and you're trying to prevent it from banging into things), and you feel like you are being swung around by a rope attached to your neck.

If you shoot with two cameras you have all these problems plus you have to keep the straps from sliding off either shoulder and your gear hitting the ground.

Getting a taste for how miserable the traditional camera strap has made my life? I am sure this mirrors many of your own experiences as well.

It was with a little hope and much trepidation that I opened the box from BlackRapid the day it arrived.

I took it out and was immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship, but brought myself back to reality with "quality does not necessarily equal comfort".

So I grabbed a camera, attached and adjusted everything and just stood there.

It was comfortable. I bounced up and down a little. Still comfortable. I wasn't be pulled in any direction, I still had proper balance, my neck didn't hurt, my camera was in perfect position to grab and bring to eye level.

So far so good.

But I was standing still, what if I threw more movement into the equation?

I moved, I walked, I bent over, I squatted, I moved as if I were really shooting and the R-Strap was still comfortable, still holding my camera where it needed to be.

It was then I realized I was falling in love.


Then my teenage daughters started arriving home from school and as they walked through the door I would accost them with the details of my new R-Strap, they politely nodded and walked by, surely thinking to themselves "my gosh man, could you be more boring".

Two weddings and many portrait sessions later nothing has changed, this is the camera strap I have been waiting for.

I shoot with two cameras and rumor is there will soon be a new 2 camera R-Strap.

Can life get any better!

The slogan for the R-Strap is "The Worlds Fastest Camera Strap", if I had my way it would be "The Worlds Best Camera Strap".

You can learn more about the R-Strap here and watch more of their videos here.

Here is a quick introductory video on the R-Strap, enjoy.


Amy Rader said...

Thanks for posting this. I ordered on and glad it comes w/a 30 day $ back guarantee.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I got one for Christmas and I love it! I wore it around the house with my camera and 50mm 1.8 attached, just taking pictures all day. :)

I hadn't watched this video but I'm glad I did since it actually shows how to set it up. I just wish the compartment was big enough to fit an iPhone with cover - right now it's just a tad bit too small.

Roger R. said...

I have been using a Double strap now for almost a year. With 2 cameras and wildlife shooting I still find the system comfortable though on occasion, the longer lens will swing against my upper leg area and become annoying. To correct this during extended walks/hikes, I simply maintain a light finger grip on the body to prevent spinning and normally corrects problem. Otherwise I highly recommend this system

half blind said...

This is going to be my next strap. Scott Kelby loves his just like you do, Scott!

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