Healthcare in America...

Another weekend, another off topic blog entry.

But my fear is I am about to commit blogging suicide by touching the "third rail" of politics, but the importance is bigger, much bigger than me.

If I could ask one thing of my readers, it would be to take the five minutes and watch this video.

Should you be moved by it, share it with your friends, if not email me and tell me I suck.

Thank you.

The entire show "Profits Before Patients" is about 45 minutes long and can be viewed by following this link, because bottom line, whatever comes out of Washington under the guise of "reform" will impact every single one of us.


Ray Sanford said...

Good commentary about our warped politicians.

Scott said...


Thank you for your support.

I know the point of this blog is to be about photography, to be fun, and that’s exactly what I want it to be, but sometimes “real life” spills over into it.

When it does I am fearful of alienating readers, but then I ask myself is being popular the most important thing - is that the example I want to set for my daughters?

Again, thank you Ray.


David Spring said...

Sort of reminds me of Adobe and Photoshop CS19

Anonymous said...

I'm cool with the non-photo blogs.

Scott said...


Anonymous said...

Well said, but it begs the question: If the public option is not being considered because the legislators are corrupt, why would we WANT these legislators to be the authors of a public option? Could they possibly forge anything that isn't a complete racket?

Personally, I try to avoid party politics, have no use for career politicians, and don't identify with either the republican or democratic platform. I find myself leaning libertarian because I observe that when people form a large group to approach a problem, they tend to lose accountability at a rate proportional to the growth of the group. I don't think Big Business is any less corrupt than Big Government, or vice versa. I think they're both comprised of fundamentally self-serving entities, which is why both have been successful. Given the choice, I tend to cast my lot with the private sector only because when I am personally affected by their corruption, I can walk away and usually patronize the competition. When Big Government hits my pocketbook, I am bound by law to finance their corruption.

I think the biggest problem with healthcare is that for years, we've treated it primarily as an employment perk, which has kept the cost of premiums artificially high. Remember how expensive cell phone plans were back in the mid 90's? As the demand for the technology increased, the market corrected itself, and now pretty much everyone has a cell phone, and service is relatively inexpensive. In fact, most people are getting more service for less than what early adopters were paying 10 years ago! John McCain is an idiot, and he did a poor job of presenting it, but his healthcare proposal actually made sense. Take our employers out of the equation and make health insurance providers compete for business at the individual level against each other. I'm willing to bet that the market would correct itself within 5-10 years to the point where an individual could get competitive healthcare for about the same amount they're paying for cell phone coverage.

Just my $.02.

That said, I love your blog and respect and support your right to wax political, and appreciate you doing so in such a civil manner.

Anonymous said...

This was a terrific program. Moyers is always good, but this was exceptional. Jack

Anonymous said...

There are equally convincing videos, articles, and posts both for and against a national healthcare plan.
The sad thing is many (most?) of us will fail to put in the time and do the research to find what we feel to be the truth, something that is becoming more and more difficult to discern these days.
Props to my 'Libertarian-leaning' friend upstream- Sounds like you're doing some thinking of your own!

paso57 said...

Thanks for having the courage to convey what needed to be said! It is too bad that so many Americans swallow the mis-information they receive from the reform opponents - - hook, line and sinker.