Our review of the Quick Spot grids...

We had the pleasure of receiving a couple Quick Spot grids from Harbor Digital Design and they get a two thumbs up from us.

These grids come in 1/8" & 1/4" honeycomb grid size and they come in sizes specific your specific flash model, they are "custom fit" to slide "firmly" on the flash requiring no straps or fasteners of any kind.

And if you shoot with different (size) flashes you can buy just the adapter for the specific flash you want to use it on and attach your grid to it. The adapters run around $12 each.

Harbor Digital also makes Lee filters/gels that slide into these grids, they come in a set of six and include Primary Red, Primary Green, Dark Blue, Medium Yellow, Moroccan Pink, and 1/2 CT Orange.

You can get Quick Spot grids from Adorama for $34 for just the Quick Spot or for $46 you can get the Quick Spot and a set of colored gels, they both include free shipping.

So, watch the video below for the rest of the review.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

I like the fit! Looks like a well engineered piece of equipment