Another very cool DIY project...

I love DIY (do it yourself) projects, creating things with your own two hands is fun AND these kind of projects tend to save you a bunch of money in the process.

Mathew Monroe has put together a very cool DIY flexible flash arm that will run you less than $15 and is extremely functional.

Here's the link, go check it out... and thank you Mathew!


Andrew said...

As fun-to-make very good, but not actually cost-effective vs a small GorillaPod (

Scott said...

Hi Andrew,

I think I need to respectfully disagree on three counts:

1. Price – the micro GorillaPod is $20 ad to that a flash bracket and you are at $26 (then throw in shipping). This DIY is $14.

2. Ease – I think this one would be easier to use when it comes to connecting to a pipe, a door, or table top.

3. Confidence – I would feel more confident attaching my ($500) SB900 to the DIY version than I would attaching it to a GorillaPod micro.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and for making a comment I truly appreciate it.

And if you ever see my wife please don’t mention how much I paid for my flash, she would kill me.