Google Analytics, kicking butt and taking names...

I can't tell you how much I love Google Analytics, the information it provides about the visitors to your site is phenomenal and it's a must have tool.

If you have not yet setup Google Analytics you can watch this step by step video tutorial to get the ball rolling.

One of the things I like to look at in analytics is the ability to check on post popularity, there are times I write a post that I think is going to be killer and it falls flat, other times a simple quick post will hit it out of the park. It's a good way to judge the interests of your visitors and match what you have to say with what they are looking for.

I was pretty surprised to learn that about one third of our readers are from outside of the United States.

You can also learn what days are good to post on and what days are not.

What you can learn is almost endless and amazing.

If you follow this link you'll find 50 resources that will help you get the most out of analytics.

Below is an 8 minute video (done by Google) that will walk you through the analytics interface showing you where to find what you are looking for.

Tomorrow I will wrap things up with my (general) rules for blogging, not that I am a whiz kid at it (or a whiz old man), but in the 5 years I have been doing Weekly Photo Tips I have learned a thing or two about blogging and I will share those lessons with you.

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Crown Glory said...

Yes, Google Analytics has immense powerfulness. I have used it with other Google products like AdWords (for tracking my advertisement campaign). I have a long way to go yet.