A deal AND a date...

I have been a fan of Ibarionex Perello since I got into photography. I stumbled upon his podcast "The Candid Frame" back then and have listened to it ever since. Though you may not be familiar with his guests... David Hobby, Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally, Jay Maisel, Rick Sammon, and Tony Sweet... just to name a few.

So what's not to like, he has great guests, comes to the interview from a photographers perspective so he asks questions we the listeners would ask, and he has a voice made for radio.

In case you're not picking up on it, BIG fan here.

As you might imagine I was just a little excited the other day to get his new book "Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light" and though I haven't cracked the cover yet this post could not wait for two reasons:

Reason 1 (the deal). Peachpit is offering 35% discount AND free shipping on the purchase of the book, all you need to do is type in the code "PHOTOCLUB" when you get to the checkout page.

If you would like to read a little before you buy just follow this link where you can download and read the entire fourth chapter of the book "The Color of Light: White Balance".

So, here is the link to the book, go check it out.

Reason 2 (the date). Tonight (April 19th), from 8 - 9pm (ET) Peachpit Photo Club will be hosting the very same Ibarionex Perello. And the topic will be.... LIGHT.

There will be talking and there will be doing, from the webinar page:

"Webinar participants will receive an assignment at the end of the session. Once the assignment is completed, Photo Club members can upload their work to the Peachpit Photo Club Flickr Group where Ibarionex and the Peachpit crew will help critique your work. And of course, there will be a chance for prizes!"

Pretty cool, huh?

Here is the link t to signup for the webinar, you do not want to miss the webinar or this great book offer.

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