Food & Photography, a tasty combination...

We have been a fan of food photographer Lou Manna for a long time and used the tips and techniques learned from reading his outstanding book "Digital Food Photography" to shoot food for our clients (you can see the images here). If you would like to read our review of his book you can find it right here.

Lou Manna has a new site, well it's more than a site, it's an interactive community where folks can share their own work to be critiqued, get ideas, share information, and more... it shares the name of his book and is called "Digital Food Photography".

You will find articles, videos, and resources like "Taking Better Food Pics" that will, well... help you take better food pics.


And it's not just Lou sharing, it's the entire community of photographers who share with you and with each other.

Speaking of sharing and learning, Lou will be teaching a seminar on May 8th called "Digital Food Photography: Creating Delectable Images" at Adorama (in New York City).

Adorama is sponsoring a bunch of workshops this spring that run just a couple hours to all day affairs and for as little as $25. You can check out the entire list/schedule here.


kees said...

Looks tasty. Well done.

Harry Hilders said...

Love the coloured cakes.

Urban Interest said...

The coloured cake looks a bit chemical ;) But they must be very tasteful!