Food photography from today...

I just wrapped up day one of a two day food shoot and wanted to share the setup and a few of the images.

Here is the setup:

1. A Nikon SB800 as the key/primary light (using a shoothrough umbrella, fired by a Pocket Wizard)

2. Another SB800 as the fill light (using a Photoflex LiteDome, fired by a Pocket Wizard)

3. California Sunbounce Micro to "kick in" some light

4. Foam core as a second (and smaller) kicker

5. Camera/shooting angle

Here are several samples, I realize there is a familiarity with the look, but one thing the client wanted was a "consistent" look and that's what I gave them.


lars said...

You don´t use the IKEA laundry bag I can see.

Tried to find the post for that but it seem to be hidden somewhere

Alexis C. said...

Great shots!

Now I'm hungry :P

Scott said...


I do use the IKEA bag but not on location with commercial clients as DIY photography items may work well, they do not instill a great deal of confidence in a client..

Plus a small umbrella was a better fit for this job than a large softbox.

Thanks for coming to the blog and taking the time to comment.


Scott said...

Thanks Alexis...


NightSkyGirl said...

Oh that looks really yummy! Nice job with it. I might just try photographing some of the new food I've learned to cook. Thanks for sharing the setup. :D

Anonymous said...

Great setup. Did you use the Sunbounce with flash or did you just use it as a modifier?