Kubota hits it out of the park... Again!

A little over a year ago I told you about an innovative Lightroom workflow tool call RPG keys.

RPG Keys is an external keyboard that works specifically with Lightroom allowing you to review, organize, edit, and apply presets to your photos.

Well, fast forward a year and the RPG keys have taken a huge evolutionary step forward, not least in the list of new and improved features is the fact that they have partnered up with Kevin Kubota and this handy little workflow tool is now called the "Kubota RPG Speedkeys".

The new keyboard is about the size of a handheld calculator, is wireless, and also includes v3 of the Kubota Presets standard.

One thing has not changed, this is a serious tool for photographers who prefer spending more time taking pictures than editing them. I mean really, do you want to spend longer editing a wedding than it took you to shoot it?

There is a (small) learning curve because you need to train your fingers, but like anything else (or any other keyboard), the more you use it the better (and faster) you'll become.

I know some of you will follow the links in this post and be a little hesitant when you see the price of $349, don't be. Why do you buy a $2,000 lens, spend $700 for Photoshop, or $150 for faster memory card? Because it improves your practice, it provides a better product for your clients, and it gives us a better workflow.

Kubota RPG Speedkeys will take it one step further, it does all those things AND it will give you back the thing most important to all of us, your time.

If you have to spend less time editing your images you will have more of it to do the things most important to you (like playing Barbie Uno with your daughters, or throwing a stick to that dog who never seems to tire out).

You have two choices for the SpeedKeys (other than PC or MAC), you can order just the Kubota RPG Speedkeys or you can order the Kubota RPG Speedkeys and Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom 2 combo pack (you can read the Workflow for Lightroom DVD here).

The reason I am a Disney fanatic is that you get a great product while treated like the most important customer they have, Kubota is Disney World for photographers, great products with even better service.

I could ramble on about the keyboard and why I like it, or you can watch this 5 minute video from Kevin that will give you a great overview of what the Kubota RPG Speedkeys are all about.


Nir Pengas said...

this is a nice device but the price does not make sense to me. i am not sure if it is due to economy of scale or because you wish to make big profits (legitimate wish).

would have definitely consider it for >$50.00, but with this price i'll stick to Gordon's AutoHotKeys+script.

Jodi Renshaw said...

I think I will be a proud owner of this little gadget within the month. Thanks for showing us :)

melissa said...

I'm scratching my head here???
Does not seem to be that much faster than using your shortcuts on the keyboard and mouse. And that price really does not make the slight extra edge it might give you.

I applaud all efforts to help cut down on editing time but am yet to be convinced this really does that.

Would love to hear from those that use it all the time.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Not for me, but for the pro that uses LR a lot, I can see how saving 30% of your time will also increase either your free time or your profits. Scott, didn't say it was for everyone (just like a $12000 600mm f/4 isn't for everyone), he just said that if this is for you ... well, it's a really good product!